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2021년 1월 2일 (토) 04:08 판

Join: here.


  • Use Common Sense.
  • No NSFW (no horrors, porns, etc etc).
  • No discussion about politics and/or religions.
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • You are not entitled to anything in this server.
  • I do not provide Wiki(p/m)edia help in this server, and if you are here to appeal your block stuff, you will be banned.
  • Do you have any complaints for the kick/bans? Why? Your ban extended till your next life,

Role description

  • @everyone: Can see any channels in Welcome Category, and cannot chat on other channels unless either human or bot role is granted.
  • human: Can see Text channels, Voice channels, and Feeds Category. This is a default role for immortals.
  • wikimedia: Can see Wikimedia Category.
  • stewards: There for pings, but can delete messages in Wikimedia category.
  • M1: Can access MusicBot Category.
  • relay: Can see #relay (605354469739200512) channel in Text channels.
  • MineCraft: Can see MineCraft Category.
  • S<number>: Can see respective S<number> Category.
  • oldbie: users who has been around for more than 30 days. Whitelisted from certain @Mee6#4876 (159985870458322944) automod.
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