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Revi (토론 | 기여)님의 2021년 8월 8일 (일) 06:41 판 (Update)

There are currently three wiki-auth level in Discord server.


@wikimedia auth is conducted via WikiAuthBot (@WikiAuthBot#1556). Type .auth in #spambot to complete authentication, or if you completed this process in other server, wikiauth may be completed by joining this server. (In this case, you must complete #sanity_check to chat.)


@stewards auth is conducted via Wiki-Bot (@Wiki-Bot#2998, Wiki-Bot Docs). Type !wiki verify (wiki account name) in #spambot and click the URL in DM to complete process.

If the account to be confirmed holds steward user rights, @stewards role will be assigned.


Miraheze auth is conducted via Wiki-bot. Follow the procedure for @stewards, but use Miraheze Meta account and use the !wiki verify command at #miraheze-auth.

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