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Wikimedia Steward, admin on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons.

  • Usually adds Wikidata entry to things around here, and do the vice versa.
  • Crazy documentation otaku: "Document it or it didn't happen"!
  • I am also crazy Authority Control (ISNI, VIAF, that sort of identifier) otaku. Authority Control helps you consistently identify a person even though their name might change, just like MBID.
    • ISNI — International Standard Name Identifier — is an identifier to identify media content contributor. (Well, book authors as well.)
    • VIAF — Virtual International Authority File — is a multinational joint program of national libraries to group multiple identifier into one, so you can know one person from the Library of Congress DB with some identifier is the same person as the one in Japanese National Diet Library DB.
  • I usually edit on K-Pop, Korean indie, Korean game BGMs (basically anything in Korean language and the Republic of Korea falls within my interest) and sometimes Japanese anime-related musics.


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I never call this site MB, because in South Korea, MB usually refers to “Lee Myung-bak”, one of the worst criminal post 1988.

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