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Short description

  • Otaku, but maybe not.
    • I didn't watch enough anime to say I am an otaku.
  • Definitely not a developer.
    • I only know about C (not the programming language C) in Coding.
  • Play a lot of games.
  • Pronoun: he/him unless otherwise speicified.


What does that nick stands for?

I didn't have anything in mind, so I can't really tell you.

Whatever I say when you ask is just guessing.



  • I am a crazy night owl.
    • I am physically living in KST (Korea Standard Time), but my habit often follows CET (Central European Timezone).
  • I don't smoke, drink alcohol or coffee.
    • Especially: I don't want to be drunk, lose control of my mind, and say bullshit.
    • But I drink soda.
  • Published or not, I like writing stuff down.

Lingua Franca

  • ko: Native
  • en: Can communicate pretty well.
  • ja: I only knew hiragana, and forgot it, so "Re: zero learning Japanese."


  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
  • HP 15-AY008TU
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • Android SM-A710(K)
  • iPad 6th Generation
  • Apple Watch 3rd Generation


Games I play, as of April 2022.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Online
    • KrCarbuncle
  • MapleStory (Korea)
    • Luna, lv 242, Mercedes (I consider this to be a "legacy" - I don't actively play this game anymore. This is mostly for honorary mention.)
  • BanG Dream! (Korea)
    • ~lv 26 is fine, lv 27~ - depends.
    • Sometimes I get addicted to single song and continue playing that song over the months.


  • vim? emacs? Truth is nano.
    • Actually I use vscode on desktop.
    • All I've done dev-related is probably writing few Python scripts.
  • Pretty not that bad with writing bug reports.
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