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This server has a bot army because this server was originally bot testbed, later repurposed to accommodate mortals. So it ended up with private channels for myself, channels for testing, and channels for humans to talk.


  • Use Common Sense.
  • No NSFW (no horrors, porns, etc etc).
  • No discussion about politics and/or religions.
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • You are not entitled to anything in this server.
  • I do not provide Wiki(p/m)edia help in this server, and if you are here to appeal your block stuff, you will be banned.
  • Do you have any complaints for the kick/bans? Why? Your ban extended till your next life.


Join the server, go to #Verification channel, and click the + reaction. If you are already verified, you will not see this channel. I may also (manually) assign your role, if desired. Certain invites are exempt from this verification requirement, as the roles are automatically granted upon joining via that specific invite code.

If I do not recognize you and you do not complete CAPTCHA verification within a few days, you'll be removed from the server.

Role description

  • @everyone: Can see any channels in Welcome Category, and cannot chat on other channels unless either human or bot role is granted.
  • human: Can see Text channels, Voice channels, and Feeds Category. This is a default role for non-bots.
  • miraheze: Can see Miraheze Category. (Verification required)
  • wikimedia: Can see Wikimedia Category. (Verification required)
  • stewards: There for pings, but can delete messages in Wikimedia category. (Verification required)
  • M1: Can access MusicBot Category.
  • relay: Can see #relay (605354469739200512) channel in Text channels.
  • MineCraft: Can see MineCraft Category.
  • S<number>: Can see respective S<number> Category.
  • oldbie: users who has been around for more than 30 days. Can use /slash commands. Whitelisted from certain @Mee6#4876 (159985870458322944) automod.

Bot prefix

  • 리레봇: 리레
  • Carl-bot: ,,
  • Dusty: >
  • Dyno: ?
  • Hydra: %
  • KMS_bot: #
  • Mee6: !
  • Nana: ~
  • Robyul: _
    • Bobyul: ///
  • Serenity: &
  • Server Captcha Bot: ::
  • Tatsu: t!
  • Wiki-Bot: !wiki
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