Revi HQ
< Chat(Chat/IRC/Freenode에서 넘어옴) (LC) nick revi is the primary Libera.Chat nick. revi on Wikimedia.

  • Want to get quick response? Don't say just "Hello" in chat. Read more about it here. Or here.
  • If I don't reply in a timely manner (unless specified in this page, less than 12 hours), check out Discord. I always keep client on for most of my device, but I keep my browsers off while playing games.

Alternative handle

There are few additional LC nicks, because of the LC's maximum channel limit.

  • s[_] : revi, for the channels I don't chat often but want to keep stalking an eye on. (Debris of Freenode; not yet on LC)
  • revi|CVN : revi, for the wiki-area vandalism tracking. Primarily on CVN-related channels.

I usually set a user-mode that don't allow a non-identified user to PM. This is because of frequent spam from non-identified spammers. Please create a NickServ account before PMing me.

Alternatively, you can PM s[_], but only do it when strictly necessary. If spam flows from this direction, I may have to disable anonymous PMs from there too.

By the way, when you PM me, don't ask to ask, just ask. That will save my time, and your time.