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This is a keysigning policy for Revi. Old version is available here.

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Key details

Yongmin Hong <>

Fingerprint: 947F 156F 1625 0DE3 9788 C3C3 5B62 5DA5 BEFF 197A (KeyID BEFF197A)

Signing keys

I am willing to sign keys on the keysigning events. Also, I do accept keysigning privately, but you have to have a prior history of communication with me, even once.


Key types

I am willing to sign following types of keys.

  • Personal keys with realname.
  • Personal keys with pseudonym, nickname.
  • Shared, Group keys.
  • I do not sign image.

Signature types and requirements

Following signatures types are used for my keysigning, and following requirements are enforced:

  • 0x10 (Generic Certification)
    • Reasonable proof of identity, such as...
      • Ability to decrypt some kind of secret question asked via some methods (depends on the person, case by case.)
      • I have prior communication history with you, and I am reasonably sure you are the real owner.
      • This level is the only possible level for psudonym/nickname keys, and the basic level for real name keys without real life meetings.
      • Shared, group keys will only receive this level of certification.
  • 0x11 (Persona Certification)
    • This level is not used.
  • 0x12 (Casual Certification)
    • One form of valid picture ID, which is government-issued.
    • This is default level for real name keys with real name (with real life meetings).
  • 0x13 (Positive Certification)
    • One form of valid picture ID, which is government-issued. Also,
      • I have a history of communication with you at least 1 (one) year.
      • This level is not given to keysigning-signed keys unless I arrange a meeting afterwards.


  1. Raw versions and signatures to it is available here.
  2. Historical version is available at Keysigning/Raw/Historical.