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I've set up your own wiki to facilitate the Wikipedia editors. It is a wiki that produces easy and effortless content for every Wikipedia editor. These include the constantly updated article information boxes, that if the editor has nothing else to do then he can search the wiki I set up for an information box for the city, for example - where even if the population is outdated.

I’m trying to get my wiki (Maantietäjäwiki) crew to create different content: including, for example, templates and modules that aren’t yet on Wikipedia. More information is already on the front page of my wiki, which you can access by copying this link and pasting it into a search engine:

The original language is Finnish, but I have turned the front page into several different languages ​​Translate extension.

I send this message to almost all Wikipedia administrators: do you want to join my wiki? I would be really grateful if you could get the wiki up and running and get a decent team! I've been thinking that all of Wikipedia's administrators are granted administrative access.

That is, if you join the Maantietäjäwiki, you might get an administrator and any other access! The wiki is very similar to regular Wikipedia. There are the same extensions and settings and my wiki policy is that anyone can request a MediaWiki extension or setting and I will try to install it.

Welcome to the wiki!
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Thank you!

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