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Page should have a category, ultimately leading to 분류:Wiki. Category should be located at the very bottom part of edit interface.

Internationalization / Translation

  • For pages with translations, at the bottom of page (but above Category), there should be {{Languages}}, followed by {{Hreflang}}.
  • Each non-Korean pages must have a correct "pagelang" property set.
  • Each non-Korean pages must have a corresponding language-specific DISPLAYTITLE: command to display page title in the target language, and there must be a page with "DISPLAYTITLE" pagename to redirect to that page in question.

Note on the language

This wiki is is primarily written in Korean, but use of English is permitted and encouraged. However template system assumes main language of any article in this wiki is Korean, and you might find some article untranslated, or out of date.

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