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Restrictions for South Korean Account

  • This is not an official Q&A.
  1. Q: I can play fine with my phone, but I cannot play from Web Browser.
    • A: Those who did not pledge to pay your $$$ to us are restricted to your phone ^^.
  2. Q: OK. Subscribed. But I cannot login from Windows/macOS! It says username or password is incorrect.

    Note: The desktop app isn't currently available in South Korea. Use the web player to listen on desktop.

    • Pissed off? Use Web Browser ^^.
    • You see Error code: accesspoint:19 on Windows or Error code: 3 on macOS but if you are sure your password is correct, it's this.
  3. There's no FREE ACCOUNT in KR!!!!! I believe trial accounts will be eventually deleted if you do not pay. (It's been just less than a day since they released in KR, so time will tell.)

PS: Jurisdiction

For whatever reason, do you wanna sue Spotify in Korea? In their terms of Use, they claim Swedish law / Court has exclusive jurisdiction, but Republic of Korea's Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions explicitly states such claims are null and void in Article 14. This falls in the "Unless otherwise required by a mandatory law of ... any other jurisdiction". Well, ask competent lawyers before filing a suit, though. You might not know, but I am not a licensed lawyer to practice law.

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